Friday, November 5, 2004

Nim fun at the Fields!

I played Nim from 9 to 10 this evening at the Fields, and it was fun for all. Many friends came, and there were others. I don't know if they all liked it -- some of them probably didn't, that's how it goes -- but everyone seemed riveted. It was wondermagic.

My set list was as follows, juggled around to satisfy song requests:

• Superman Has Friends [premiere] -> Sun Flies -> Nimland -> Buzzelling
• Acrobasebombball
• Retro Helplessness -> Will We Go Out Together -> E Blue Apparatus
• Paperclip -> Rodeo Clock [premiere]
• Crescent Moon
• Crabnors -> The Slippery Toad
• Deposit One Tangelo [request] -> Javelin Head
• Shirt Thane
• This Ladybug [request]
• Send Me Up -> Numbers Make More Numbers -> Science
• Vegetables You've Never Heard Of [request]
• A Parade, Yes. -> Supersane
• Raisins
• Telephone Box [premiere]
• Song for Dan [totally improvised]
• Daisy Ran Train -> Wow -> Dripping Pilgrim
• Magazine Chubbies
• Maroon Dots [special guest: Jen Abounader on guitar and vocals!]

Special notes about the set list:

• I relearned both The Slippery Toad and Dripping Pilgrim today while assembling the list.
• I wrote Superman Has Friends today after Jen suggested that I fret two unison strings on different frets and really liked it.
• The lyrics that begin Superman Has Friends are: "Superman has friends, but you never hear about them." That is not true. Superman has friends, and you DO hear about them. There was a show called "Superfriends," and he was one of them, along with a bunch of his friends.
• I created a Wild Card list of songs to play in case I need to fill time. It includes: Rockin' Out, Magazine Chubbies (which I did play), Collarbone Pharoah, This Ladybug (which was requested, and I did indeed play), Juiceman, Frank, and Eat Lots of Apples.
• I skipped one medley that I played two weeks and a day ago at Hurley's to make sure I could fit everything: Crash Tinkle Tinkle ->Lapse Into Memory.
• Deposit One Tangelo->Javelin Head was going to be played a litte later, but a request moved Deposit One Tangelo ahead, and I brought Javelin Head up to join it.

Mike and Joel requested lots of songs that I didn't know how to play anymore. They helped me make a list of old songs to relearn. The list is as follows:

• Body Hex 1
• Boxing Day Feast
• Princessdom
• Docky Docky
• Present Tense
• Alan the Duck

I will begin relearning them, and also memorizing the new and newly relearned songs that I still use lyric sheets for. I am having super fun performing, and I plan to continue doing so. I also plan to continue updating the website, with pictures and lyrics, sometime this weekend or week.



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