Sunday, November 28, 2004

an excellent night

I spent the night in the company of Brian Conklin, Dave Shaver, Leanne Merkadante, Teo Acosta, Zara Acosta, and Papa Acosta. (Sorry about the spelling, if I massacred any unfamiliar names.) We jammed a lot, and it was quite a lot of fun. Good people, playing music with love. Most exciting was that most of them have never really "jammed" very much. As we went, everyone got more and more comfortable, and some great stuff started to come out. It was good vibes all night. We also played cards, had pie, and generally just had fun. It was wonderful!

In the Nim department, first of all, we jammed out for quite a while on Vegetables You've Never Heard Of. Dave and Teo both did verses of Vegetables, and Zara did a cool clarinet solo. It was super-fun. Later, when we were sharing solo songs, I played some Nim stuff: You've Got Your Own Life, Deposit One Tangelo, Raisins. We jammed out on Will We Go Out Together.

The coolest was that I premiered a new song called Let Me In Your Hole, and everyone went ape-shit for it. It's kind of epic. I wasn't sure about it until I played it, and now it seems to be a winner. Yay!

Winter break will be upon us soon, and I'm quite sure I'll do some more jamming at the Acostas. What wonderful people to play music with! It was such a great time!


Oh, and Dave and Teo and I are going to look for open mics in Albany to perform stuff at. It should be splendid!

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