Monday, November 8, 2004

new relearns, Joel, Dan, and Scott

On Saturday, I relearned Princessdom, Nobody Knows, and Present Tense. Yesterday, I mostly relearned Alan the Duck, although I need to check the chords again in the prechorus.

Joel Franklin and I started writing a song together last night. We will probably attempt to finish it Wednesday. We each wrote little poems down separately, and then set each to music and connected them. We will be working on writing strong musical and lyrical transitions.

Dan Studnicky is interested in producing the Nim song Science. He told me he has lots of creative ideas for it, and he mentioned Brian Wilson as a stylistic influence here.

Scott Marshall has ordered a camera, and with it, he is interested in recording a Nim show. He and Joel may work together to get multiple camera angles for editing it. Audio will probably come straight from the sound board. However, for all this to happen, I'll need to get another gig, which I do not have yet.

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