Sunday, February 3, 2008

wonderberry gz funparade beluga


I want to mention at this time of thinking that indeed, much fun did go, did go in th playing of songs at R.P.I.'s subterranean wonderplace called Ground Zero! It joyed me much to discover friendly persons old&new, wonderjolly bands to hear, & funtimes of completion of performance for mandolinight. We had happies of poundage plenty. I did things & things happened & also thingings thinged, as well, also. All things triumph.

I no longer intend to record setlists on this blog, as I've done in prior times. I played songs & other songs also, & debuted badger dog, a story of relationing between man & greyhound of Deadly Threats of Way.

Those things took place.

I hope that those who bore witness did enjoy as I did in their kaleidoscope multiverses of th eveningtimes that happened. So dancing ways in head.

Tell me your likes & dislikes if you wish it do, thru fnording beneath this posting of telling of doing of mandolining of jubilantagnosticwondermagick.

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