Thursday, February 7, 2008


Oy vey, I have to bother you with one more thing, but not loliya lavu-related. Tiffany just showed me something that her boss Lee showed her today at work. Apparently, it had come up that I rebel against th ridiculousness of English spelling. She mentioned how I like to spell things more logically. (Altho I do this less than I used to: I stopped using cut spelling except with a few words like th, tho, thru, etc.) Anyway, Lee showed her a delightful little puzzle that George Bernard Shaw had come up with to demonstrate th silliness of English letter-to-sound correspondence:

Pronounce this word:


Just do it. Do you think you have it? Now, let me give you th three hints that Lee gave Tiffany & Tiffany in turn gave to me:

  1. Pronounce GH as in "enough".
  2. Pronounce O as in "women".
  3. Pronounce TI as in "nation".

Now how do you pronounce GHOTI?

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