Monday, February 18, 2008

loliya lavu - link & word list

Note: Th version of loliya lavu that you see here I have decided not to continue past a very early stage. But, I have every intention of starting a new language based on it, hopefully soon! Check back at this blog in a few months, perhaps. Much love. updated: 2008-7-23

Hi. It delighted me to discover that at least one person has interest in loliya lavu. (Thanks for fnording, stevo!) I have much more work to do on it to make it functional, but I decided to put my lessons together on a separate page & start a word list. So you can check it out at:

Feel free to comment on what you see here by fnording below this entry.

A thousand scraggly lovebugs,

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Anonymous said...

Does "cili" take any of bo/ce/ki?