Saturday, February 16, 2008

2 tz'i

Seeing no fnords, I stopped posting loliya lavu lessons. If someone decides to care, I may continue them, or edit them for clarity, etc. Otherwise, I see no point.

In th meantime, I've started following th K'iche'-Mayan 260-day sacred calendar (tzolk'in), which involves 20 different "daysigns" (sort of like days of th week) running concurrently with th numbers 1 thru 13. Th 20 daysigns go as follows:

K'iche' - English translation (alternative English translations)

imox - Lefthanded (Dragon, Crocodile, Alligator, Waterlily, World
iq' - Wind (Breath)
aq'ab'al - Foredawn (Night, House, Darkness, Nighthouse)
k'at - Net (Seed, Corn, Lizard, Maize)
kan - Snake (Serpent)
kame - Death
kej - Deer (Hand)
q'anil - Yellowripe (Rabbit, Venus (star))
toj - Thunderpain (Water)
tz'i - Dog (Gateway)
batz - Monkey
e - Toothroad (Human, Grass, Stairway, Tooth, Road)
aj - Caneplant (Reed)
ix - Jaguarthroat (Jaguar)
tz'ikin - Birdsilver (Eagle, Knower)
ajmak - Sinner (Vulture, Wax, Owl, Soul)
n'oj - Knowhow (Incense, Quake, Earth, Movement)
tijax - Knifedge (Flint, Knife)
kawuq - Rainready (Storm, Rain)
junajpu - Marksman (Lord, Flower)

So, after 1 imox comes 2 iq', 3 ak'ab'al, 4 k'at on thru 13 aj. Then comes 1 ix, 2 tz'ikin, on thru 7 junajpu, 8 imox & so on. It takes 260 days to come back around to 1 imox (because 13 x 20 = 260).

Th K'iche consider today 2 tz'i, 2 Dog. A new 13-day period started yesterday, so I intend to watch closely how things progress from 1 to 13. I have a project cooking during this time that I may share after th period ends.

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Anonymous said...

I am very interested in loliya lavu. Do you have more vocabulary?