Friday, April 27, 2007

Some dice-derived haikus


You raise your arms! For
Thou art. Rorschach didn't th'old
pond foundation; th.


Age spat upon shall
be more of, Pouf. Rise, O my
snake, into police.


And copious file
of th greyhaired Sheriff's. But
th first kiss of brought.


Who shall determine
th remained on multitudes
learned your wine yardstick?


Hark down, dipping my
wings, I office of th Rich.
I don't like are like.


You'll! I was alone
in not have not even art
Thou ever. Th Church.


Double, Sherwood said
silent vamp Alla. There shall
be no gloss finish.


There. Th entrance hall
is for gas. Yet I worshipped
her tin discovered.


Prospero burned his
of death and th central roof
where Mandetta bought.


Where shall be of three
thousand two at th. They fled
away at. A no.


At last after art.
A Wonder Bread core of th
mind time, by wood its.


Of Plutonium
by th rejected this as
th Diamond th up.

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