Friday, April 6, 2007

Grind OM 41

[[I think my numbering of Daily Grind shows has become effed up. Alright - I'll call this one number 41. I like th number 41.]]


In my Troy-town spring-breaking I did attend th open mic of Daily Grindation at this prior hour to now of 8. Playings did I play: 3 daybyous. Th Good Mr Nick Borden joined in writing & performing th third 'un.

solo song daybyous
1 .. Rudolphus
2 .. glamorous & glassy-eyed

song with Nick Borden daybyou
3 .. slip on broken violence now [words&music by Nick & Nim]

I wrote (1) three days ago & (2) two days ago. Nick & I wrote (3) today (counting Thursday as today - technically yesterday). We assembled lyrics from poetic fragmentations (wee bits of iambic pentameter & th like) & created computertastic backing magicks in day. For performance, he played acoustic guitar & commanded th computing machine. I played mandolin & did singings.

'Twas nice to collaborate in quickness time. I enjoy th feeling of playing new things. I seek rebirthing from Chaotic Wombery.


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