Saturday, April 14, 2007

Nim at clarkbarryhalsted

I did a wee bit of busking at a new intersection yesterday. I played:

.. sience
.. lov song 6
.. wil we go out together? > ant lizard dragon man
.. prickle-prickle
.. slip on broken violence now [co-writer: NBorden]
.. th posm [lyricist: JCoolidge]
.. how to ferment th colon
.. e blu apratus
.. Maroon Dots
.. hail Discordia > vejtbls u'v nevr herd of

I stopped playing & started to pack up when two people (Stephanie & Carlos, I later found out) came by & said, "Hey, can you play another song? We left to get you a tip & now you've packed up!" They made my day! I gladly played 'how to ferment th colon,' when they decided they'd like a "nonsense song".

Carlos: Do you have any songs about chemistry?
Nim: No, but I have some songs about astronomy. I had th idea to write a song for each chemical element, but they I realized that would be something like 114 songs.
Stephanie: That's true. But if you stuck to organic chemistry, it wouldn't be quite so many. . . .


What a delight!

Until then, though, I had found it dismal, & my total take added up to a mere (but typical) $3.50. Busking for money proves difficult.


Jordan: [just a minute ago, while creating "butt-cards" as a parody of "Yu-gi-oh" cards] I know! The Three Buttkateers! . . . How do you spell "kateers"?
Nim: K-A-T-double-E-R-S.

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