Monday, April 16, 2007

Gallery Cabaret OM 4 / X of Swords

Last night, George & I made th trek to Gallery Cabaret & I deposited a fourth performance of vast Nodally Nim tunery. 'Twas a nice time - every time I go to this place I enjoy it just a wee bit more than th last.

.. vejtbls u'v nevr herd of
.. ant lizard dragon man [lyricist: SMarshall] > wil we go out togethr?
.. Non-Violent Tae Kwon Do Troopers [lyricist: Caglar Juan Singletary; composer: David Fox; debut!]

I also played a frustratingly fruitless set on Milwaukee Ave in earlier day, but I don't have th set list to show you. I made exactly one quarter dollar, not counting th pity dollar George gave me.


I've been continuing to study th Tarot; Tiffany gave me for our two-year anniversary a splendid little deck, & I've been systematically going through each card trying to apply th theme of two cards per day. 'Tis an experiment in th power of belief to change th world (my world, my perception of things, etc.). It's a lot like looking for synchronicities & omens & whatnot.

So it's interesting to note th way things correspond. I've noticed lots of relationships between my "fortune" & my actual day. For example, last night, some time after midnight, riding my bike home from Gallery Cabaret, I had a small but painful & embarassing accident with a couple of parked cars. (My groin will probably hurt for days!) I later checked to see what Tarot card I had assigned myself for that day (today), & indeed, it was th X of Swords often called Ruin. According to, th X of Swords represents:


This seems like an apt description of th feeling you get when smashing your genitals by absent-mindedly biking into parked cars, eh?

But th good news is that tonight I will experience th IV of Wands, characterized by:


{{{{{In my own defense, I must say that I have no intention of allowing myself to become "superstitious" in any way. I'm interested in studying belief & how it affects my perceived universe. These represent genuine experiments in meta-belief, & I'm willing to take them as far as they will go [hopefully] before I attain clinical madness.}}}}}

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