Thursday, December 21, 2006

UPCOMING: Nodal Nim at the Mudhouse !!

Holy Toledo!

Nodal Nim returns to the Park of Averill! Be my lovely friendly at the place that I will be! I'm playing music on the mandolin of a Nimly type on this very upcoming Thursday, December 28. I begin my fervent strums at seven o'clock. It is true!

At the time indicated above, I will be here:

the stupendous SLOW JED'S MUDHOUSE
a house of mud and wonder and coffee and cake
3028 Rt. 43 - Averill Park, NY - 12018
the cost of visiting is utterly nothing at all

I will share goodtimes with all who dare to visit!

I will sell new mini-CDs for two dollars of money!

I will play the old favorites of fish, vegetables, monsters!

I will play zany post-Chicago songs no one has heard ever ever!

Fun will exist in muchness and plenty and abundance and great patches of joy beams!


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