Sunday, December 31, 2006

Scott & Androse poetics


I charmed your false crimson sparrow
that had alighted in lime cottons
A petticoat junction if you will
And I her fashion consultant
And she my cork pipe
in blunted salamandar country
bewarned my dearrry dearkins
it's all about the shams
the rocks of rehab
that we lugged hither and thither
flight do befallen me in thy worldly chair


Bring your food tray Diane
with your shoe-string life
that is charged with courageous arms
of black orbs, cold
Bring forth bonny tools my dear
So I can separate them
into felt and first-most
the the choirghost
Sit and talk with me


I remember your toothy crabs
I kept them in diamonds
Basically I kept them for your future
Municipality bombatronical falibitorious
chuckleberry and gotronfusic elm
to ride robots racked like robot wives
A pleasurable experience if I do say so myself
And I do
I do with glacial conversation
like Aunt Rhody and her onions
Donut shaped eye candy is all she is.


Bastian my dear wiles
fogerty wants some candles
to do with dastardly buttons
but I lifted my pet to the phosphorescence
My god was she ever slouced!
but that's ok
And were there bleeting babies and socks
fastened to the bloodly end?
or it might be you who is uncontrolled
or it might be Cindy Lauper.


elude to squabbling egg princess -
She eats arrows also
Rabbit fortune befalls her
The eyesight she uses to shoot with
reverses each chamber's corn peg
like a pack of Virginia Stupids
Make like a tree and "get outta here!"
Ya gosh darn man worm
of forlorn principles!


Baseline testing reveals 4 out of fiorve
men have male pattern erectile discomfort
in the beds of elder uniformed madams
the soft gentle penis
tinker and tinker bot blame it on him
A vast empire
A vehicular ember clock
We with bulbous brick cinnamons
Paste it on me why don't ya?
Callous hands and bacon grinds
And subterranean rubbing beans

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