Thursday, December 7, 2006

Submarine Androse.

I am a submarine teacher.

(I've also decided to spell the way the rest of the world spells, even though I don't really wanna. At least for now.)

I taught second grade today. It was my first assignment ever. I survived, and so did the kids. And so did George, who was asleep the entire time in our apartment. It was not easy, but it was not hell. Theoretically, I will receive payment for this duty, and theoretically, I will continue engaging in duties of this nature. Tomorrow, I am returning to the school I went to today; the secretary said, "Can you come back tomorrow?" and I said, "Yes," and I will.

That is the way.

I have no news on my broken car. Did I mention I have a broken car? I have a broken car. It is broken. Well, actually, for a broken car it works fine. It is a well-functioning broken car. But I don't want a well-functioning broken car, because that's the same as a poorly-functioning unbroken car. I want to transform my broken car into an unbroken car. Or, I want my broken car to no longer function as a broken car.

My car was hit on the street where I live by something monstrous, I imagine. I imagine the thing that hit it was monstrous. I wasn't present at the time of the hitting. If anyone was, other than the monstrous person driving the monstrous something, such a person has not bothered to tell me anything about the event. The details of the event are unknown to me.

My car has one bumper that is functional. I also has a bumper that functions as a broken bumper.

But I don't want a well-functioning broken bumper.


It's in the shop. I hope for good fixings. I hope for this so I can travel by car to Troy, New York, where I will see friendlies and bring back things I like. I like things sometimes and friendlies sometimes always.

I've been recording Nim songs of new and rather-new. I hope for good songlies to be done in an album-like array. I will burn and give. I play Martin bass and mandolin and vocal chordlies and things. It is nice to play things. They go in the computer and maybe come out some day as well.

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