Monday, July 3, 2006

Gallery Cabaret OM 1

So we finaly found an opn mic, and it was a doozy. We came acros a very towny bar cald Gallery Cabaret, and altho I considrd leving, I thot wy not, and stuk around. It wasn't my "crowd," but I figrd it wud be amusing. Som hylyts of th Gallery Cabaret experience included:

- constnt refrnces to th "brat," [bratwurst] that was on special. "U can al thank th gy in th ponytail with th mustache for th brat tonyt." Said gy continud to walk from th bak room with new paper plates of brats thruout th nyt.
- sculpturs of pink feti with wires comng out, remnisnt of H. R. Giger.
- scary intrpretiv dance army lady who had obviusly taken som balet classes a long long time ago. It was imposbl to wach th musician wen she felt inclined to join in. Very intense, very drunk.
- gy with no ybrows singng such hits as "Let's Get Wasted," and "Tough Guys that Live with Their Parents". He was obviusly a locl favorit. Also intense, also drunk. I think th intrpretiv dance lady is his girl, so don't get any funy ideas.
- old man who made th host chanje his capo for him. "Put it on three." "Just take that off, wud ya?"
- very sexy Russian womn singng with her laptop such songs as "China Girl" by Bowie and "Too Drunk to Fuck" by th Dead Kennedys. I bot her band's CD, and it is good -- rathr like a Russian Portishead.

I playd, but I don't think I was a hylyt. Th host, who may hav ben one of th few peple yungr than me, said he liked it, and that I was like Primus without al th pesky bass. Th crowd mostly ignord me, wich is betr than heklng me, ryt?

.. th posm
.. hulo, wil u be my Sheep?
.. I am systms

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