Saturday, June 10, 2006

Nodal Nim's Travelng Teahouse

Picture this:

'Tis a plesnt suny sunday aftrnoon in Chicago, and parkd in a litl downtown lot u com acros a colorfl boxy curiosity -- a larj frendly veicl -- with bryt paintd letrs spelng out: "Nodal Nim's Travelng Teahouse!" Strains of quirky mandolin liks emnate from within, and wen u aproach, u discovr quite a selection of inspiring, marvlus, powrfl teas for sale by th cup or th ketl. U go for somthing spicy and red, purchase it from th nice men and ladys garbd mostly in blak, and hav a seat at one of th wee tabls nearby. Nodal Nim hapyly entrtains u with his mandolinish pop. Th next day -- monday -- in an entirely difrnt location, u spot th Travlng Teahouse, grab a wite tea, and wach with aw as kindly odd folks perform short plays. Tusday is hot, so wen u locate th Teahouse, u hav an iced green tea, then sit and lisn to poetry. Wensday brings sord swaloers (Oolong tea), thursday brings electronica (iced rasbery), and satrday, u find yrself at a larjr venu cald th "Tea Room" for an ecstatic performance by th astonishng band Threshold of Pain. This nyt, u drink a dark and smoky Lapsang Souchong.

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