Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Androse newly-done done things

Hi there people of the world.

I am Nodal Nim a.k.a. Andrew a.k.a. Androse, as in "Ya'androse!" Originally Lojbanic, but now mostly just silly, be Androse, the numen. I am in Chicago on a visit. Much of yesterday was spent hanging 'round in the Albany airport. I "volunteered" to give up my place on my airplane twice, which granted me two vouchers, good for one round-trip journey each (within the quite contiguous 48 states).

So I spent many hours entertaining myself in the terminal. In addition to such activities as eating (ziti and bad egg sandwiches), drinking (a white chocolate mocha, a rum&coke, and my own Lapsang Souchong), peeing (self-explanatory, I hope), and watching wacky airport people, I also did a bit of writing.

Threshold of Pain is working on a project that one might conceptualize as a complex and surreal game of telephone. We (Amy, Lucretia, and I) began by listening to music and producing a pictoral for each song. If we listened to 30 songs, we produced 90 pictorals, although nobody is keeping count. The next step was to divide up the resultant pictorals to be pondered over and written about by other members of our strange little group (which then included Ian P). We started together, and have now diverged; we took our pile of pictorals home to work on. Usually, I'm rather opposed to homework, but I had the time and the inspiration (thank you, rum&coke), so I finished my batch with nine new poems.

(I tell you this because I feel like typing these poems out and putting them up here for all to see.)

I should mention the next step that we've got planned: the new batch of poems, now independent of the pictures, will be used in song, as Threshold of Pain records a new album.

So the posts above this one will show the poems I scribbled in the bus terminal yesterday afternoon. They were inspired by pictorals by Amy and Beth. I will not describe the pictorals, as each new step is supposed to be free to stand alone. I'll let you develop your own internal pictoral, which of course, will create a new branch in our surreal game of artistic telephone.

But before I do that, I should mention on a personal note that it's really awesome to be in Chicago! In a few months, it is my intention to move here (with the lovely George), so I'm working on figuring some things out while I'm here. Tiffany is well; she slipped out this morning to practise bassoon, so I'm taking advantage of the moment to type this up. Her hair is longer, she's a little skinnier, and she has a black kitty named Vega prowling around. (Very cute, both.)

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