Thursday, June 1, 2006

Lapsang souchong a delicius te that tastes like chard oak tres. I drank my first cup yestrday, and was greatly inspired.

From Wikipedia:

Lapsang souchong is a tea which has been withered over pine or cedar fires, pan-fried, rolled and oxidized before being fully dried in bamboo baskets over burning pine. The result is a flavor usually described as "smoky".

Th wethr has ben rathr quite very excruciatngly hot of late, but I wantd te anyway. I drank my first cup of lapsang souchong in a cool bath yestrday wile lisnng to Indonesian gamelan music. It was divine.

And speakng of divine, I'v ben readng a lot about atheism lately, wich I find myself prety wel alynd with. I tend to considr myself 'agnostic,' but by many definitions, I am atheist. I like it. It makes mor sens than most things, with th posbl exeptions of Taoism and Buddhism, wich som myt describe as atheist relijns anyway. Here ar a few artcls.

Durng this past weekend and th one prior, I helpd with musicls at th R.P.I. Young Actor's Guild, first playng bas, then runng th sound bord. Both experiences wer good, altho they resultd in les mandolinng. I'l be making up for that this weekend with Nathan. I am glad to be don with work until sunday.

I hav not much mor to say. It's good and ok to be sad somtimes. It is wat we ar. I mis my girlfrend Tiffany and probly a bunch of othr things. I feel like I'm getng old and ther's no going bak. Am I wher I want to be ryt now? Wy is my life like this?

It's good to wondr these things somtimes.

Thank u, frends, for stikng by me. I lov u.


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B said...

Awwwwww we lov u too, Andrew!