Monday, May 1, 2006

superjiants et cetera

Last nyt, I nabd an old idea from my index card box markd 'brain'. Today, I rote two songs. Th first is cald 'red dwarf', and th secnd, 'red superjiant' (formrly 'blu superjiant': Nathan lisnd to th songs tonyt befor we rehersd, and he was kind enuf to corect som bad astronomy on my part. Aparently, blu superjiants expand, cool, and becom red superjiants befor they go supernova. I had skipd red.)

At any rate, this is th beginng of a suite of stelr songs, pun intendd. My idea is to folo th birth and deth of stars thru al (or most) of th varius posbl senarios. At this point, Wikipedia is my main sorce of infrmation (al hail!), plus Nathan (al hail & thanks!). O yes, and google, wich has provided me with this diagram to sho u:

Star enthusiasts and so on ar invited to thro sujestions my way. I'd like to do justice.


Nathan has described an intrest in riting star songs also. I promisd him I'd leve constelations and individual stars (Sirius, Rigel, etc.) for him. So now u hav that in riting, sort of.

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