Friday, May 19, 2006

Flavour encountrs a nutron star

I enjoyd a rainy-evnng play-about with frends com to se. I playd th stelr songs that lead to th weird and wondrful nutron star, many of wich wer debus. Altho I was somwat exaustd, I felt good about it.

set 1

.. lov song 5
.. this ladybug
.. 5 songs of fish
.. cal it Home
.. safety in numbrs
.. u'v got yr own life
.. Pablo
.. zvati
.. chupacabra
.. yelo things

set 2
.. stelr nursery [including th new 'baby star' section]
.. superjiant [premere] [both blu and red] [including 'supernova']
.. nutron star [premere]
.. e blu apratus
.. troglodyt
.. I am systms
.. 2Gs
.. Maroon Dots
.. Deenmark [request]
.. th posm [request]
.. 25% mor monstr [request]
.. red dwarf
.. hulo, wil u be my Sheep?


In othr news, this guy has som good stuf to say about stufy proscriptiv gramr bulpoo. He is my new hero. So ther [Becky]!

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