Monday, May 8, 2006

a fretless bass

Today I hopd ovr to Parkway Music and bot myself a fretless bass. Not just because I want one (altho I do very much), but also because I'm playng bass in th pit band for Schoolhouse Rock Live, as performd in a cupl weeks by th R.P.I. Young Actor's Guild. I needd a bass, so I got one.

It's a used LTD B-104 fretless, and I'm very hapy with it so far. It's ben intrestng practicng th music tonyt and ajustng to th fretlessness. I must place my fingrtips with utmost precision. It is getng easyr. It is way cool. It is blak.

Ovr th years, I hav borod four difrent basses from four difrent peple. I was going to boro my fifth, but this is betr. I prefr to be self-suficient.

I hav wantd one of these for many a year in time.

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B said...

I wanna play!!

And I'm home... Just thought you might like to know.

The Grind Thursday night?