Thursday, May 4, 2006

mini-CDs and moons

Not realy moons, but Moon & River, a cofee place in th truly absurd land of Schenectady. Nathan & Nim hav just sceduled a sho ther for June 7th, a wensday nyt.

And I am about to begin relesing mini-CDs, wich ar 3-inch discs with 10-20 minuts of brand new Nim recordngs. Aftr much intrnl debate, I hav arived at $2 for a price. At this moment, ther exist exactly 4 copys of mini-CD #1, each of wich contains th nevr-befor-relesed 13-minut epic 1-act mandolin opra 'yelo things'. $2 gets u yelo things!

As I rite this, non of wat I tel u is reflectd on Nimland. I havn't decided if I'm going to update or procrastinate. I am tired and smely.

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