Saturday, May 7, 2005

Bowman Blast!

Nim played Bowman Blast at like 3:45 on this beautiful Saturday to a modest but fun crowd of folk! Thanks to those of you who were there! I had a good time, playing my tunes in the sunshine!

• Buzzelling -> Science
• This Ladybug
• Member of the Real -> Retro Helplessness
• Frank -> I Am Systems
• Collarbone Pharoah
• Raisins -> Vegetables You've Never Heard Of
• -> Wow
• Alan the Duck [requested by Shannon!]
• Docky Docky -> 25% More Monster

If you missed it, do not fear! I am playing tomorrow at noon in the Knowles Quad! Come by as I wake up the Cranies with my mandolin magic!

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