Sunday, May 8, 2005

last ctwa at Potsdam, and you're invited!

I've decided that for my last Coloring Time with Andrew radio show, I'm inviting my friends to come along and have a coloring party, while I Nim around and debut my 15-minute epic, Yellow Things! So, those of you in the Potsdam area are invited to come to the WAIH radio station, located above the mail room in the Barrington Student Union, SUNY Potsdam campus, next Thursday, May 12, 2005! Here are some details:

1. I will provide crayons, markers, and paper!
2. I will begin Nimming at 10:00 PM!
3. I will entertain requests!
4. I will debut Yellow Things at 10:30!
5. I will spin media from 11 to 12, taking requests, coloring, hanging out, etc.!

Come visit me, or tune in to 90.3 FM WAIH, if you're within ten miles or so of Potsdam! It will be a magical fun farewell to Nim!

(Those of you in the Albany area, I'm moving there in like two weeks and want to perform! I don't have any gigs scheduled yet, but I promise I will let you know!)

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