Sunday, March 19, 2006

repeating poetry forms 1

I found this site very exlnt [excellent] for its presentation of neat poetic forms that ar worth th going at. I rote a poem last nyt cald 'chupacabra'. It is a Rondine; chek th link abov for lots on that and mor.


chupacabra's teeth nash bits of meat
not of self, & not of yr old wife
but of yr livestok screamng for its life
th sound resounds & sound is sound's best feat
an apl fals is sound on ground to beat
on hearng u decide to clense th pipes

u fix yrself a harty wisky neat,
drink it to divert from cattl's strife,
then tel th wife to fech th larjest nife
u'r going to hunt for sup a monstr treat

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