Saturday, March 18, 2006

The Album

  1. Flower Friends Wander Into the Flower Fields of Valentine's Friendly Sweet Pie to Give Your Valentine a Flower Like They Have Never Seen Before
  2. Pious Ovaloid Consumption with an Advantage Card, Or, As the French Would Say, Ugly Baby that You Eat
  3. Unfronds Aren't Unnot Unhappy
  4. O No! Pseudo Vanilla Nights Boogie # 589.001.3!
  5. Resonations of Empty Abandon in Withering Voids Betwixt the Haunted Valley Betwixt Satan's Caviar Betwixt Chains that Bind the Depths of the Grapple Betwixt Baby That You Don't Eat
  6. Magnificent Hottentot Plays a Tribute to Mediocrity, with Special Emphasis on Lunar Beastmen, also Called The Wolfman is Seeking Woman Bahookey
  7. Motown Anxiety Involving What Can and Cannot Be Seen and Heard by Zebras with Four Eyes of Looking (Evil Descent)
  8. Employee Responses to Chicken Engineering to Check For You So You Know (Check Check Check Chicken)
  9. Interlude of Not So Pride in the Bacon Pieces
  10. Duel delle frute che sono annoisare (Secretions)
  11. You Need Foul Goat Cheese and its Various Effects for Whoring
  12. Prayer for Those Whom to Meat We Thinks it Needs the Knowing of Something
  13. Extraordinary Discomfort Abounds in Uncomfortable Nick Borden Flavours
  14. What it is Like to Sing a Song About a Tree that We Go to for Having Pageants (Chant of Sacrificial Boullion Sauce Contestry)
  15. "Tree Tree, Why Are You Here, Tree Tree?" said Eyeball Witnessball Accountballs of the Tetra-Soul Extracting Process, and Also, "The Kind of Tree that Will Not Call You Nice Things Unless You Deserve to Be Called Nice Things, That's What Kind of Tree."
  16. The Ghetto Blaster
  17. Untitled


Dan said...

No tracks with cut spelling?

Andrew Aaron Heathwaite said...

'The Album' shown abov is a colabrativ project with persons Amy, Lucretia, and special gest Nick. I am th only cut spelr among them.

New Nodal Nim albums ar not on th plate, but I am incresingly thinkng about startng to record a new one.