Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Illium OM 12 - Nathan and Nim debu

Nathan playd two songs, I playd one [Deenmark], and then we playd som songs togethr at Illium open mic tonyt:

.. Carrot Juice is Murder by Arrogant Worms
.. No One Lives Forever by Oingo Boingo
.. 25% mor monstr by Nim
.. Particle Man by They Might Be Giants

Nathan playd acordian and sang. I sang and playd mandolin, bass drum (with my ryt foot) and a maraca (taped to my left foot). It is a fun combination. Nathan and I ar planng to play two of our four songs again at th Grind this thursday.


I also playd feet percusion on Deenmark, and I'm planng to experiment furthr with this and othr "one-man-band" aranjements.

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