Sunday, September 25, 2005

Illium Show 2

I had an interesting experience playing an afternoon show at the Illium today. Kristina Cohen came by to see me, which was a great surprise and pleasure, but she was the only friend. At first, it was just people reading their newspapers and generally doing their best to ignore me. For a while, there was nobody but Kristina (which I preferred to the first crowd), and then some parents and children came in, and they seemed to actually enjoy it. One came up and talked to me afterward, and he was neat. I felt good about the last hour or so of my show.

I took only one break, after the first hour, which was short, and since I played through, I ran out of new songs I wanted to play. It worked out, though, because I just repeated songs from earlier for the new crowd.

I cut my finger and bled on my strings again. I think this has been happening because I'm using the wrong kind of pick for my style. Kristina says it contributes to the drama.

My set list is not accurate, especially toward the end, but it's close.

Act I

.. retro helplessness
.. raisins > the slippery toad
.. level 1
.. Alan the Duck > numbers make more numbers
.. eat lots of apples > Frank
.. docky docky
.. magazine chubbies
.. you've got your own life
.. crash tinkle tinkle > lapse into memory
.. clusterbomb
.. stripes > vegetables you've never heard of
.. coloring time with Andrew > 5 songs of fish

Acts II and III and beyond

.. Robots: the card game > 25% more monster
.. member of the Real
.. this ladybug
.. hello, will you be my Sheep?
.. receptors & peptides
.. love song 1
.. Juiceman
.. shirt thane
.. bodymind > buzzelling > sun flies
.. yellow things
.. wow > Nimland
.. Pablo
.. Alan the Duck
.. I am systems
.. acrobasebombball > nobody knows
.. e blue apparatus
.. Collarbone Pharoah
.. Maroon Dots > science
.. present tense
.. crescent moon
.. let me in your hole
.. Daisy Ran Train > a Parade, yes.
.. for play
.. supersane
.. raisins
.. love song 1
.. this ladybug
.. level 1
.. in my pocket

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