Thursday, February 24, 2005

ctwa4 and Hurley's

I played Hurley's open mic at 9 and did Coloring Time with Andrew at 10. The highlight was finding out that a two-year-old girl was dancing to Docky Docky when I played it at Hurley's. Yay! I want babies! Somebody make me some babies!

Open Mic Set:

• Docky Docky -> Boxing Day Feast [requested by Winkler]
• Bodymind
• This Ladybug [requested by Bryan Poole-DeSalvo] -> Shirt Thane [requested by Winkler]


• Coloring Time with Andrew
• I Am Systems
• Daisy Ran Train -> Crabnors -> Receptors & Peptides -> Juiceman
• Present Tense
• E Blue Apparatus
• Raisins -> Magazine Chubbies
• Pablo

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