Friday, February 4, 2005


Hi there!

The first Coloring Time with Andrew of the semester was a fun one! I had some guests for my first Nodal Nim set, which went about a half an hour: Dan, Joel, Marina, and somebody else who I didn't recognize. That person came in after I started playing and left before I finished, so I didn't get the chance to say anything to her. Anyway, thank you, strange person, and all the others, for coming to my show and coloring! When I started playing CDs and wandering around the station, I found six plastic plates in the lobby that my guests had decorated, and I hung them up on a window in the station for all to see! Also, thank you to Gina for requesting three excellent songs that I was delighted to play. Requests are fun, especially when they're for good songs!

Here are my set lists from my live radio performances. The first one might be totally out of order, but I think I got all the right songs, anyway.

Set 1 - 10:00

• Coloring Time With Andrew
• Science
• Nobody Knows [request] -> Shirt Thane [request]
• Eat Lots of Apples [request]
• Let Me In Your Hole
• Present Tense [request]
• Clusterbomb
• Nimland
• The Slippery Toad [with Joel]
• Vegetables You've Never Heard Of

Set 2 - 11:30

• Stripes
• I Am Systems


I also went to the first Hurley's coffee house of the semester, and it was fun. Kevin Irwin did a fantastic headlining set, and then there were just a few open mic'ers. I played third. Here is my set list:

• Raisins -> Numbers Make More Numbers -> You've Got Your Own Life
• Stripes [premiere]
• Alan the Duck [request]


In other aah music news, I had my first voice lesson of the semester today, and it was good. I have some stuff to work on for next week's studio class performance of Walking by Charles Ives. It will be fun! I also spent some time in the electronic music lab playing with things today.

Much love to all,

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