Tuesday, March 31, 2009

some latelies

Bits of nowish goings in andRLand (traveling backwards in time):

  • Now: recovering from an inter-co-op potluck, lying on th oh so comfy bed in our livingroom.
  • This evening: met w/ Snowleopard & Dogbody about playing dead people.
  • This afternoon: started arranging th old Nim song 'how to ferment th colon' in 17edo.
  • This morning: totaled meat at th food co-op I work at.
  • Last night: auditioned an improvised dance w/ friend Sarah for th dance department of U of I, playing cümbüş.
  • Yesterday afternoon: digitized.
  • Yesterday morning: chatted w/ Drew over tea.
  • Sunday evening: went to a lovely concert in somebody's living room.
  • Sunday afternoon: cleaned my room; started reading th Diamond Sutra.
  • Sunday morning: groggy house meeting.
  • Early Sunday morning: drove home from Chicago, arriving after 2 am.
  • Saturday evening: attended a party in candlelight at AKJ's place in Evanston, IL to ring in th spring; debuted a brand new piece w/ Jacob for a grand piano tuned to a microtonal scale called Centaur; danced & shouted; imbibed wines; recited poetry.
  • Saturday afternoon: took Jacob to my "old neighborhood" in Chicago; we visited El Taco Veloz for lunch & Myopic Books for compulsive reading buys (for me: th Diamond Sutra & a new (for me) version of th Bhagavad Gita - for Jacob: Philosophy in th Flesh).
  • Saturday morning: finished preparing Centaur piece w/ Jacob & rehearsed it.
  • Friday night: saw an improv comedy show in Chicago at iO.
  • Friday evening: arrived by accident 24 hours early for th concert in Evanston!
  • Friday afternoon: rode north (w/ Jacob driving); made last-minute plans for our piece.
  • Friday morning: selected poetry for spring celebration (3 by Wallace Stevens); brainstormed for Centaur piece..
  • Thursday night: potluck at La Casa; I made black bean burgers!
  • Thursday evening: went to Bobbi's art opening at th IMC & chatted it up.
  • Thursday afternoon: began composing Centaur piece w/ Jacob.
  • Thursday morning: worked at food co-op, stockin' stuff.
  • Wednseday night: ate at Courier Cafe w/ Beth, Anna, Jacob, Mark, & th folks in Insurgent Theatre.
  • Wednesday evening: my band w/ Rob & Jacob opened for 'Paint th Town', a play put on by Insurgent Theatre, at th IMC.

& so on. We could take this all th way back to my birth, I suppose, but frankly, I don't remember much before Wednesday evening....

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