Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Some I-can't-do-withouts

Imagining lovers. What qualities/behaviors could I not do without? A preliminary brainstorm.

  • (appreciation of) absurdist humor
  • (stated) desire to cultivate compassion for all beings
  • identification as any (not necessarily all) of th following: feminist, anarchist, social change artist, strong agnostic, metaclown
  • love of affection, including (but not merely) sexual affection
  • sensitive nipples
  • stated preference for variety & spontaneity
  • rejection of (traditional language around) sin, gender norms, capitalism, money, faith, pop culture, sacredness
  • ok w/ (some) biting
  • ok w/ (some) oral sex
  • (comfort being) orgasmic
  • at least vegetarian, & preferably vegan
  • interest in metaconversation & legitimate questions
  • hairiness & general comfort w/ "being a mammal"

Not an exhaustive list, but good to see & share. Given this specificity, it's no wonder I don't have a lover in my life. But, fuck, I deserve someone this good.

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