Sunday, November 16, 2008

nowish then

Hi hi hi hi hi.

I postaway to youtosee, you see? Sohi hi hi hi & say & one I say hi.

Hm. I livebreathe(etc) in Urbana, IL (I know that already!). Our house has five new chickens as of yesterday (total equals ten).

I have projects begun & notbegun. It grins me to tell you that I don't know.

What can I say to you?

Jacob & I played Ultima this very evening. Last night, we plus Annamichael played also Go.

What else?

Th students & friends of th School for Designing a Society have a wiki that they(we) like to play in called polyproject. Some traces of my work & doings you can find there (if you want to stalk me & this blog doesn't cut th mustard these days); see especially AndR.

Also, my school has a blog.

These days, you might find me:

  • participating in a popcorn jam (improvised music plus popcorn, ritualized).
  • walking my beagle.
  • taking lots of notes on lots of conversations.
  • writing performance instructions on index cards.
  • wrangling chickens.
  • wearing skirts about town.
  • reading cybernetics.
  • wearing my heart on my sleeve.
  • wishing I wore my heart on my sleeve.
  • getting potatoes thrown at me.
  • poking around on my keyboard in 17edo.
  • rehearsing in a 3-man protoband (or a fledgling udderbot choir).
  • etc.

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