Monday, August 4, 2008

meet Skybike.

My friend Bjorn located a bare-bones sky-blue folding bike over th weekend & encouraged me to come by & check it out. Perhaps against my better judgment, I fell in love w/ it.



Yes, Skybike drives on clouds, & it speaks to me in some tinkly sky language. I like that. It just doesn't brake very well, & it doesn't fold down as small as my other bike did, nor as quickly. But I find it almost as cute & quite a bit more whimsical & jolly. So it has all that I need, really.

Here you can see us together, happy as skyclams:

Skybike & I

I spent $40 to purchase Skybike, but quickly found myself spending another $30 for a new tire, inner tube, & labor. Th mechanic told me that I'll probably need a new chain & some brake work, if I want to continue riding it. But no worries! I like Skybike. I intend to do right by Skybike.

I wonder whether I could get Skybike converted to fixed gear. I wonder whether I want to.

But for now I will continue smilingly Skybiking. Th brakes work decently at low enough speeds (I have but one gear, I should mention), & I don't plan to do anything stupid.

Ahem, Hooray for Skybike!


Rebelfish said...

Yay bikes. I'm not a fan of fixed gear bikes, but then again that's cuz I love my separate gears. But I also like free-wheel coasting. (Early bikes before the free-wheel invention actually had foot rests on the handlebars to rest legs while the pedals were whirring away below.)

Andrew Aaron Heathwaite said...

Some of my friends swear by fixed gear. Th flatness of just about everything out here certainly helps. I will definitely have to borrow a friend's bike for a good little while to see if I like it before I would get Skybike converted.