Friday, July 11, 2008


Somebody broke into my car last night. Smashed th passenger-side window, intrigued, I would guess, by th twelve or so CDs I had in there o so shiny & tempting. In addition to some CDs, they took th CD player, &, most sadly to me, they took my new folding bike which I had left in th trunk.

I had left my car overnight on a sidestreet in a not-so-safe neighborhood. Perhaps I should have expected trouble. In retrospect, it would have made sense to hide th CDs & remove th face of th CD player.

It doesn't bother me all that much to lose CDs; I have just a bit less crap to have to lug to Urbana now. I'll miss th CD player, tho. I've had it a long time; it moved w/ me from car to car since 1999 or so. Music makes driving tolerable. & I definitely loved my new bike. It allowed me to save time, money, & gas. I don't want to go back to public transportation & driving to get places.

But all material things go away sooner or later. I didn't lose th most important objects in my life; my mandolin, cumbus, & iBook (but of course, some day I will). &, more importantly, I didn't lose any people. I'd rather have a thousand bicycles stolen than have a friend get hurt.


Rebelfish said...

Oh, no! That sucks Andrew. Rachael's first folding bike got stolen last fall. They are tons of fun. Hope you can find another one.

Andrew Aaron Heathwaite said...

An update: no new bike has entered my life, but a new passenger-side front window has! I can hardly even see it; it radiates clean clear lucidity!

Andrew Aaron Heathwaite said...

An update: as of August 3rd, I have SKYBIKE.