Friday, March 14, 2008

let me tell you

a.) I love you.

b.) Happy Pi Day! You have, according to my clock, about 14 minutes left to celebrate it, if you just found out about it now by reading this sentence.

c.) I also love Maurice Merleau-Ponty, phenomenological writer extraordinaire. His works systematically approach a world not dissimilar to that of Zen Buddhists:

Th most important lesson which th [phenomenological] reduction teaches us is th impossibility of a complete reduction... there is no thought that embraces all thought. Th philosopher... is a perpetual beginner, which means that he takes for granted nothing that men, learned or otherwise, believe they know.

I want to get to that place.

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Anonymous said...

We did all sorts of things for pi day. First we watched the Zap song about 10 times. Then we reviewed the math. Then we colored and cut out pi worksheets I made that had a big pi, a cut up circle, and 1000 digits. Then, people recited pi over and over.