Monday, December 17, 2007

Orphanage Show (& Poems of Three) ! ! !

! a l o h a !

Great fun & wonder equals th Orphanage, fun & wonderful indeed, & th place where I didst play mine tunes on th night prior to this moment for fun & wonder.

Amidst other fine bands & such (Division & Honore, Missing Score, Chicago Rose), I set a set of 34 minutes. Mine joy did seep!

New friends did I give words to - three wee words each - so that wee Poems of Three could find development. Here I show three such Poems of Three:

1 . bears do inspect ~Vinnie
2 . clustered dogs dynamic ~Mark
3 . beastly fnord mirror ~Zach

In time, I hope greatly to add new Poems of Three to your eyeballs for reading!

Th set I set:

.. feed th ghost > kiss me moose
.. 2G's > e blu apratus
.. ant lizrd dragn man [lyrics by SMarshall] > prikl prikl
.. stripes
.. how to ferment th colon
.. this ladybug
.. 25% mor monstr > chupacabra
.. 5 songs of fish

I will do more doings in upcomings, but I have yet to schedule. I will inform.

Gracious Lovely Anteaterish Diagrammatical Eggs,
Andr Nim

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