Sunday, September 2, 2007

Home [is where th absinthe isn't]

So I moved officially into Tiffany's apartment last week (while she & Jordan, her 10-year-old, were both away in Vermont), & now that they're back, we're doing some things to get organized. Kitchen things are put away, th SEGA Genesis & Nintendo (old school!) are both set up, & my tie rack sits proudly on th bedroom wall. Much work remains yet to be done, but I look forward to doing it.


I made a fantastic vegan sandwich just a moment ago! It consists of:

.. green beans
.. tarragon
.. cashews
.. peanut butter
.. vegan buttery spread (Soy Garden)
.. black pepper
.. sunflower seed bread

I stir fried th veggies, then fried th bread like a grilled cheese, with butter on th outside & peanut butter on th inside (to help th ingredients stick). Th Soy Garden works just like butter for frying & spreading!


~ a vegan, domestic, overbearded aah

p.s. Don't drink absinthe. You will regret it. Especially if you're "trying to sober up." Don't do it. Not even two little swigs. Not even if you see your friends waving their fingers in front of your face & hear them saying, "absinthe... absinthe... absinthe..." as if trying to inspire a psychedelic experience for you. Even if th absinthe appears blue. That's no excuse. You will regret it.


Rebelfish said...

Mmmm... that sandwich sounds tasty. I would have used real butter tho, because while I fully accept vegetarian food can be very tasty, I will go out of my way to make food not vegan. For instance "Hmmm.. this fried tofu salad sounds good, but it's vegan. Let me add bacon bits and cook the tofu in bacon grease." Mwa ha ha

And I agree that sobering up with absinthe is not a good idea. The only acceptable time to drink absinthe is at the beginning of the night when you two full glasses of something tasty to wash out the taste of rubbing alcohol from your mouth.

Andrew Aaron Heathwaite said...

Nathan, I'm glad you're finding th time to comment on my sandwich from 20 days ago! I salivate in fond remembrance. But I'll have you know that most bacon bits are, in fact, vegan!

Thanks for th words on how not to be destroyed by absinthe! I may one day display th stupidity required to drink it again, & if so, I'll try to keep your advice in brain.

~a th nn