Tuesday, June 21, 2005


My mandolin appears to have a number of serious structural problems, and I'm currently waiting on a repair estimate. I've been warned by some trustworthy experts that I may find it wiser to buy a new one and attempt to sell the old. This remains to be seen, but nevertheless, I have begun researching acoustic-electric mandos.

I find myself intrigued by the Fender FM-62SE, which I have nicknamed the Blue Demon. It has received a number of good user reviews. It's more expensive than my last mandolin, but not intimidatingly so. It also looks very "Nodal Nim," I think, which my current Ovation does not. Sound, price, and functionality are more important to me than appearance, but I must consider appearance as well.

I have not played the Blue Demon myself, so it's impossible for me to have a real idea of it yet. As I said, I am intrigued.

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